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Morelly® is a business services and digital expertise company that specialises in servicing the professions, health and allied health Industries. Our board of directors is comprised of a Medical Doctor, a Chiropractor, an Accountant, and the company’s two co-founders Sam Kelly and Duncan Moran. Sam and Duncan have bachelor’s degrees, and expertise in economics and law, both have a master’s in business administration and between the two of them they have an extended work history in marketing, digital strategy & customer acquisition, IT services, law, commodities trading, project management and business incubation.


Morelly® applies these skillsets to your business to ensure you pay the lowest cost to operate, acquire customers, and scale – all within the bounds of AHPRA and other industry body compliance requirements.




Our branding package is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It’s about creating a market facing expectation and providing you with the tools to consistently deliver on that expectation


Morelly® offers a tailored service where we work with you to develop the roadmap for your business. Whether you are starting and need a feasibility study, or are reviewing and need  to plan your new direction Morelly™ is here to help.


Drill down, build strategy, and create marketing implementation maps with Morelly®. We are the marketing experts and as such offer high quality, easy to follow packages for your business.



We build on brand, smooth working, fully responsive and mobile optimised websites at an affordable price. They are search engine friendly, and simple for your team or partners to update.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Search & Social, Paid & Organic – You name it we can do it. Our founders have a deep understanding of measurable digital customer acquisition. New and repeat customers are at our fingertips.


At Morelly® we go way beyond traditional IT support. We focus on full service relationships aiming to reduce downtime and costs while increasing on hand availability for when you need it.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Pique Your Interest

Peek Under The Hood

Morelly® subscribes to a vast technology stack to ensure you get the best data and insights available to you. We use market leading platforms for every niche task we perform to ensure the project and platform capabilities are perfectly matched.

Unlike many other businesses, we don’t spend 10 minutes with you before we presume we know how to run your business or acquire your customers more efficiently then you already are. Instead, before we even consider proposing you engage our services, we integrate with all your data points and review the status quo to determine areas that can be improved upon.

Once this is complete, if you wish to proceed, we implement our tech stack with your business and use data driven decision making to optimise your processes and acquire customers on your behalf.

Additionally, in line with our core values of honesty and education, we report on everything we do with complete transparency and we are happy to explain any aspect of how our work is undertaken when requested. You always have our permission to peak under the Morelly® hood, we know you’ll like what you see.


Our Core Values

We Foster Education

A core Morelly® tennent is, ‘Never outsource what you don’t understand.’

If, like many of our clients, you don’t have the time to waste sifting through mountains of data, research, and unqualified source material to understand key aspects of your business like digital marketing, social media engagement or staff management, then Morelly® can help. We offer seminars, an online learning portal, and in-office training programs that give you a fundamental understanding of the important questions for your business. Oh and the great news, any Seminar we bring to your industry will be CPD approved as formal learning!

We Pursue Excellence

We work for your success because without your success, we won’t succeed.

At Morelly® we are quantitative in nature. Before we even consider sending you a proposal we confidentially integrate with all your data points and determine how we can best fit your practice. We aren’t the experts, we are the data driven experts. Through our education offerings we also teach you the tools to hold us accountable. Our commitment is to always maintain a positive cost benefit ratio for our client by ensuring the average lifetime value of every customer we acquire is more than the cost of doing business with us.

We Create Fun

Our tagline says it all – More Business, Less Work.

Through engaging Morelly® you have at your disposal a powerful service provider to help you scale and optimise your business. Outsourcing functions through Morelly® can increase billable time, leisure time, and profits simultaneously. After working with Morelly® you will be able to reclaim time for yourself to spend it how you want.

We Practice Honesty

“Our Services are what you need them to be, no more, no less” – Morelly®

Morelly® is about providing the services you need to succeed. We build our client relationships on a foundation of trust and honesty. Once you are comfortable that we have proved our worth to you it will be your option to engage Morelly® further. No tricks, no strings, and through arming you with knowledge from our education packages, no ability to deceive you. We work for your success because without your success, we won’t succeed.



King Street Medical Centre

“[Morelly®] have proved themselves to be extremely professional and competent as well as very accurate with their predictions regarding outcomes.

They did not promote unachievable expectations, yet delivered on the predicted results.

We are very happy with this new relationship and expect our association to grow in the future as more Morelly business products come on line.”


The Physio & Pilates Co.

“Engaging with Morelly® has been the single best decision we have made for our business.

Their ability to genuinely understand our business is what sets them apart. They know our business as well as we do, and that allows them to create content and provide services that are perfect for us.

Morelly® provide a complete, 360 degree, service that gets real results. They are far more than a normal Agency.

We certainly recommend Morelly® to any business looking to grow, learn, and become more efficient.”


Wholesome Health Chiropractic

“Things that you thought would be easy such as creating a website, were rather overwhelming tasks. Morelly® certainly came to my rescue and turned my ideas into a digital reality.

Morelly®, through their expert guidance and genuine desire to help your business thrive, made sense of the marketing jungle.

Not only did Morelly® provide me with clarity and direction in regards to promoting my practice they also did so with adherence to AHPRA regulations.”


Redmond Hale Solicitors

“I recently engaged Morelly® to undertake a review of the SEO and usability of our website.

The initial contact process was clearly explained and the digital tools used to report the results have provided our firm with clear and concise information to enable us to make informed decisions as to where and how to achieve our business goals.

Having engaged related companies in the past; Morelly® is the only company that I would recommend.”