Hi! We have been doing all things ICT for over 15 years in many different shapes and forms. At Morelly®, we believe in a holistic approach to servicing your technological needs. This is our point of difference. We comprehensively analyse your requirements, work with your people and our engineers to determine the right solution, within budgetary confinements that suit you. We are proud of what we do! Find out more of how Morelly® can help you below.


Here at Morelly®, we love helping businesses of all shapes and sizes with their ICT requirements. We believe that ICT is one of the most important functions of a business – when it’s working it’s amazing and when it’s not, well…. it kinda sucks! In our experience, many businesses persist with ICT that is not working as well as it should. Further, it has often been setup by multiple people/businesses over a long period of time and may have lost its way….. That’s why we exist! We believe that every app, every computer, every user, every server, every communications device should work together. That’s our aim and our point of difference!

How do we do it?

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what we offer


At Morelly®, we believe in providing an end-to-end service at a price point that makes sense. That’s why we have developed a range of ICT Support Packages to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Find out more here!


Here at Morelly®, we understand it gets difficult to manage multiple providers and services, so we invented the cloud!! Well, not really, we just created one of our own! Find out more here!


In the age of cloud computing, most services are stored in secure locations away from the office or home. That’s great! However, it presents a key problem – connectivity. Find out how Morelly® can help!

Backup & Security

Backing up data is often a chore – one we don’t love at all. Often, businesses and individuals don’t get this right. Find out how Morelly® can help!


The ways we communicate are evolving. At Morelly®, we believe you should be able to communicate where and when you want. Find out more here!


At Morelly®, we love efficiencies! One of the best ways to gain efficiencies in your business (or at home) is to find the right software. Find out more here!


Buying things is fun! But not when its boring work stuff… Our technicians work hard to test out the most reliable hardware, software and virtual gear on the market. Find out how Morelly® can help here!


It’s inevitable. You need to connect to work? Than you need a computer! You need to speak to someone far away? You need a phone! Here at Morelly®, we love all sorts of hardware. Find out more here!


how do we do it?

1. Understand

At Morelly®, we understand that each business is unique! The first step in the Morelly® journey is to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and wants. Further, we need to discover what you currently have.

2. Value Proposition

Once we have all the information we need our technicians and partners provide several high-level recommendations. These recommendations are roughly costed and provided to our potential clients.

3. challenge

In our Challenge Meeting, Morelly® discusses options with potential clients to select the appropriate strategy moving forward. At times our technicians are challenged to present hybrid-solutions to better fit our clients needs – so at times, this stage can take some time, but it’s important we get this right here!

4. Build

Once we have determined an appropriate strategy moving forward our people get busy building everything in the back-end. We work hard to make the transition as sooth as possible so you can keep working uninterrupted!

5. Empower

Once we have built everything in the back-end, Morelly® schedules a suitable time for implementation.

6. support

We support all work we do for a set period of time after implementation. This varies by project and will depend on project scope and client requirements.


Our Work Speaks For Itself



How does it work?

But how does it work?

Fear Not! Morelly® has a blog for that! Head on over to our blog section and read until you are a professional.

I'm Confused...

Here at Morelly®, we understand things can get confusing. IF you can’t find what you are looking for or don’t know where to start, get in touch so one of our helpful team can point you in the right direction!

I'm Frustrated...

At Morelly®, we understand things can be frustrating. If you feel this way then get in touch so the friendly team at Morelly® can help you on your journey!

Am I Secure?

If you have asked this question and haven’t been able to find the answer, then it’s time to speak to a professional. Get in touch with Morelly® to ensure your systems and data are secure!

Do I Need Support?

Morelly® lives by the matra ‘highest and best use’. Meaning: if you are a doctor your highest and best use is seeing patients – not trying to build a website or fix your ICT problems! That’s why here are Morelly®, we recommend seeking assistance if you don’t have the internal skillset to complete the task to the highest level of quality achievable!

Do I need to backup?

If you have data that would hurt your business performance or efficiency then you must backup! Read our blog to find out ways you can automate this process and ensure you are backed up sufficiently!